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The most unexpected, and pleasant, side-effect of the DMX invasion has been the ascent of Eve, the bleached-blonde siren of the Ruff Ryders crew. With an engaging persona that transcends simple sexualized reduction, Eve plays "every thug's dream wife/ see the look in their eyes?" On her debut, over nearly exclusively trademark Swizz Beatz production, Eve continues to wield her understated sexual bravado. Love, not sex, gets the ode on "Gotta Man" while "Love Is Blind" is an introspective revenge tale, a rare beast indeed. Even when Missy Elliott pops up for a she's-a-bitch interlude on "Ain't Got No Dough," Eve emerges with her dignity unscathed. Still in her dress, she slides over to the club for a night of thuggery. Beanie Siegal is her escort on "Philly, Philly" and on "Symphony 2000," she swaps braggadocios barbs with DMX, Drag-On and new Ruff Ryders crew members, The Lox. She's not their sex object; she's their road dog. As such, her womanhood is never questioned, and thus left to bloom in full flower the true hot spot.


Current Album: Let There Be Eve... First lady of Ruff RYders

Listen to it here