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If you don't believe that a dog's bark is not as bad has his bite, you will soon know this as the truth. Because just as you thought that no other R&B Group could come into the music game and change the face of music, Parle' enters. Bitten by the music back at young ages, AG, Dee and Twan are now gracing the R&B stage. From North Carolina, Parle' (Slang: to chill, to relax) has placed a new collar onto the R&B game. In 1994, Parle' was discovered as the new breed in R&B in their hometown of Raleigh, by Diamond Life Entertainment. Starting off as pups in entertainment, the young trio would often participate as the opening act for visiting artists and/or acts such as R&B group Total, singer Joe, R&B group Blackstreet, and songstress Monica. Their big break came in 1996 when the trio went to Atlanta during the Freaknic Festival where they met Dwayne "Wise" Smith of Bad Boy Entertainment. That initial meeting then led them to New York where Wise introduced them to top dogs, brothers Joaquine "Waah" Dean and Darrin "Dee' Dean, the CEO's of Ruff Ryders Entertainment. Auditioning for Waah, Parle' was immediately signed to their production company. Barking up the right tree, The Deans were waiting for the label deal to be completed with Interscope. Parle' signed on to Ruff Ryder/Interscope in January of 1998. Make no mistake about it, they are no whining cats. As the pitbulls of R&B, their sound is sharp, compact and deadly to the ears of listeners who are looking for a certain mellow edge. With their distinctive voices, AG brings the Soul of Al Green, Dee brings the smoothness of Smokey Robinson, and Twan brings the gritty like Bobby Brown or a male version of Mary J. Blige. With more sound and energy than any R&B trio out there, Parle' is filled with soul. Reared in the church, Parle's participation in choirs served as their kennel for vocal growth. Karen Clark, John P. Kee, Kim Burrell, Men of Standard, and Kirk Franklin inspire Parle'. In addition, Stevie Wonder and Jodeci are some of the icons that they credit to the R&B world. Singing about social issues, relationships, and real life experiences is their forte. "Just being ourselves makes us stand above the rest", says group member A.G. Just as DMX brought the raw and realness to the rap game, Parle' will use that same tactic (the real) to win over those same fans in R&B. In addition to being a part of the Ruff Ryder camp, Parle' is also under the direction of Ray Copeland's BAR Management. Copeland is the manager behind platinum artists such as DMX, The Lox and A+. So, as the Ruff Ryders' first R&B group, they won't have a lot to prove. Having their paws already placed on the "Ryde or Die" Compilation Album (sold over 1.6 million copies) has marked Parle's debut for greatness. They are already a part of the best-selling rap compilation album in music history. The group has already gotten their feet wet since becoming the newest act on Ruff Ryders. They performed during the 1999 Superbowl weekend in Miami, at an event for Source Sports Magazine, The Cancun Jazz Festival over Memorial Day Weekend, and a slew of promotional dates to coincide with the release of the compilation album. Generating a huge buzz already, the trio has been featured in the New York Daily News and VIBE Magazine. Their debut album is projected to be unleashed later this year. Beware!!