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Michael Gomez p.k.a. DJ Shok has always been interested in music and business. A DJ since the age of 10, who gained local recognition through parties. He would organize, promote , and Dj from age 14 to 16. At 16, he became interested in music production. DJ Shok would borrow equipment or rent studio time to learn more. At 18, DJ Shok saved $3500 from doing Dj work. He used this money to buy his first keyboard, he dedicated all his time to making beats. In his spare time SHOK was playing in NYC Clubs such as: Octogon, Demarara, Cat club, Viper, Expo, Nells, etc. At 20, he started Mass Vinyl Recordings, an independent label where he recorded, mixed, produced, radio promotions & mail outs from his basement. He charted his Artist "Hi Tech" in HITS, CMJ, GAVIN, & #2 in Billboard maxi singles sales in January 1997 & received numerous write-ups in Hip Hop magazines. Hi-Tech was one of the few artists to ever perform in Bucaresti, Romania. In August of 1998 DJ Shok signed to "Ruff Ryders" as an in house producer. Since then he has worked with some of the top Rap Artists in the Industry & became one of the most sought after Multi Platinum producers. In the Year 2000, look for DJ Shok to be playig at clubs all over the world, while producing more hit records for all types of Artists. You may also catch him in the studio with his group "The Faculty" who are already buzzing on the streets from mix-tapes like: K-Slay, Tony Touch, Doowop, & many others. Look for Shok's work on the up-coming releases by: DMX & The Ruff Ryders, Busta Rhymes & The Flipmode Squad, Big Pun & The Terror Squad, YukMouth, Pras, & Beanieman.