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He needs no introduction. This is the guy behind DMX and the Ruff Ryder. He won best producer of the year at the source awards. Swizz produced songs like "Girls Best Friend" Tear da Roff Off" "Banned from TV" "MemphisBleek Is" "Money Cash Hoes" and many more. He like to use horns because most of his songs use horns and uptempo head bangin snares and kicks

He is Working on a brand new album; "Swizz Beatz Compilation Vol 2"(where the hell is vol.1??)

His new single appearin on the Ruff Ryder 2000 CD Demo on this site is called Show Yall How. Go to the Audio section to listen to it.



Swizz conversation 10mins long !!!!!

Click here Requires Windows Media Player 6.4 available at