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"I was born in this ghetto world product of a ghetto fuck between a ghetto boy and a ghetto girl." YUNG WUN Out of these seemingly dismal circumstances, he rose. Birth name, James 'dark prince' later to be crowned "Yung Wun". Born in Atlanta, Georgia just over a decade and a half ago, Yung Wun spent his adolescent years training for battle in Eastlake meadows housing projects, otherwise known as "little Vietnam". His family later relocated to the McDaniel Glenn housing projects where they still reside today. Early on, Yung Wun's blessed poetic gifts were over shadowed by the effects of a ruthless environment, making this misguided youth easy prey for the "ghetto and its' wicked ways." Yung Wun became immersed in its' confusion, agitating his childhood innocence. By the age of six, he had surrendered the war on the streets. Yung Wun had numerous encounters with police as he took part in random lawlessness, which landed him in the throws of the juvenile justice system. It was during the height of this pandemonium; Yung Wun found relief from this madness through lyrical expression. He began writing and rhyming as a form of escape. He even won several oratorical contests and writing awards. Yung Wun's grandmother, Vera was his angel amidst his hell on earth. She would continually plead with her grandson to get off the streets and concentrate on his God-given talents of speaking and writing. In the single most pivotal moment in his young life, Yung Wun's grandmother died in his arms. Overwhelmed by her death, he was left to contemplate his future path. Remembering what Vera told him, he began to defy the evil forces of the streets and focus on the good his grandmother always saw in him. Yung Wun devoted his life to his art form. Inspired by the kings of Hip-Hop, Tupac, Biggie, and DMX, he began rapping all over metro Atlanta, grabbing the attention of several music executives. Yung Wun has appeared on multiple underground down south projects. He has endured the underhandedness of the industry realizing that some of the people who claimed they would help him achieve his dream, only lured him in to exploit the ambitious teen; stealing his songs, then casting him aside. Yung Wun pressed on with a vengeance vowing that here would be "consequences and repercussions" if anyone tried to stop him. His career took an upward turn in 1998 when he signed with producers from Dark Society Recordings; an Atlanta based Production Company. The team put together a twelve-song album and presented it to Ruff Ryder super producer Swiss Beatz. Swiss immediately recognized the extraordinary talent of this young MC, and passed the material on to Ruff Ryder executives. Within six months, Yung Wun was signed to Ryde or Die Records, Ruff Ryder's independent label, and is slated for release in early 2000. Yung Wun was on his way to NYC. "L'il country don' got citified on a Ruff Ryde!" His professional debut came when he was asked to appear with drag-On on the "Down Bottom" remix off the multi-platinum selling Ruff Ryder Compilation. Yung Wun's unique blend of down south energy, ferocious delivery style, and poetic genius, combine to make him one of the most awesome Hip-Hop artists to enter the rap game in recent years. He stimulates his audiences with high-powered anthems, rousing chants, animated performances, and a provocative thugology, which chronicles ghetto episodes involving love, money, power, and politics. Even during his meekest, thirstiest moments, this storytelling prince always knew he was "the next living legend". And after his long, tiresome journey, he embraces this honor, preparing himself to sit alongside the other lyrical kings knowing he will soon inherit the earth. "Tell me what it is? Hahh! The World is mine! The World is mine!" - YUNG